Can you become a good Samaritan?
Can you make a difference in today's world?
Is there something you'd like to fix?
Is there someone you'd like to help?

These are one or more questions we ponder daily and may ask another question.  "What can I possibly do about this situation"?  Sometimes we feel helpless.  We want to help but don't know how or don't have the resources.
Still you can make a difference.  Simply through a short prayer each day you can ask God to shine His light into areas of darkness.  Many miracles have happened through people asking God for help, either for themselves, for others or for situations they see in daily life.

Click onto the 10-minute slide presentation which depicts the value of intercessory prayer.

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Our Core Beliefs:

Evil exists and is at work in the world. Prayer can break Satan’s hold. Prayer awakens the Holy Spirit within those in darkness. The power of prayer changes things. Prays is a love response to the two great commandments. Both the one who prays and the one prayed for are transformed. We are sent as Good Samaritans by Christ to bring light into darkness; prayer is the means we use.